Why is re-learning so hard?

I used to spend hours on the couch or tucked up in bed, cutting, copying, duplicating and assembling footage into what was called ‘edits’ or ‘fan tributes’. Essentially, I would steal footage from my favourite films and TV-shows, footage that inspired me and re-mix the narrative. This was at the dawn of YouTube, when itContinue reading “Why is re-learning so hard?”

Why You Should Ritualise Your Life

Ritualise and romanticise the tiny small moments in your life. Every Friday, I switch out my usual morning peppermint tea for a full cream chai latte. It’s the smallest change, but this little ritual makes my Friday something I really start to look forward to. Which in turn makes the weekend feel longer and myContinue reading “Why You Should Ritualise Your Life”

How to Stop Destroying Masculinity

When I was a child, I would dress up as Maid Marian and wander around the garden at the bottom of our backyard, waiting for Robin Hood to come for me. Girls are being raised to believe that they no longer need Robin Hood, or Prince Charming or their special knight in shining armour. ButContinue reading “How to Stop Destroying Masculinity”