Telling stories has always been my passion. Below are just a few of mine, as well as a few opinion pieces, with many more to come I’m sure.

Please enjoy..!

Why is re-learning so hard?

I used to spend hours on the couch or tucked up in bed, cutting, copying, duplicating and assembling footage into what was called ‘edits’ or ‘fan tributes’. Essentially, I would steal footage from my favourite films and TV-shows, footage that inspired me and re-mix the narrative. This was at the dawn of YouTube, when itContinue reading “Why is re-learning so hard?”

There is a place.

There is a place that you can only find if you are lost or not looking for it. The solitary highway that dominates the upper end of the North Island of New Zealand, slices through the narrow strip of land like a deep gash. You need to be driving at sundown as we were, theContinue reading “There is a place.”

Don’t Take It Personally

It’s not you, but it also might be you. It’s really hard to take mental control of a negative situation, and understand your own innocence. As humans, even more especially in the modern era, we have massive egos. It feels as though the world revolves around us and only us. And with targeted ads, consumerContinue reading “Don’t Take It Personally”


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