Telling stories has always been my passion. Below are just a few of mine, as well as a few opinion pieces, with many more to come I’m sure.

Please enjoy..!

You Have Time

Growing up, I was always extremely wary of time and deadlines. I would drag my mother to my dance class half an hour or sometimes even 45 minutes early every lesson. Becoming so hysterical if we didn’t leave the house at the time I had decided was appropriate, that my poor mother eventually would justContinue reading “You Have Time”

Why You Should Write

The feeling rises within you on every breath you take. Your shoulders hunch and tense forming a quickly permanent knot at the top of your spine. You fidget. Your hands dancing across every surface, twitching and shaking. Every mistake you make resonates. Your self perceived failure echo’s around your mind, overpowering every other thought youContinue reading “Why You Should Write”

Don’t Just Tick Boxes

You will not be happy once you’ve ticked all the boxes. Because that is not what life is about. I thought it was. I wrote down everything that I thought would make me happy: Get up early. Go to sleep earlier. Work out / Train for strength and mobility. Start my own business. This wasContinue reading “Don’t Just Tick Boxes”


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