How To Write a Sponsorship Proposal

I was never a “car person”. Terrified to begin driving, I took exactly the same route to work for at least a year when I first received my restricted drivers license, which allowed me to drive alone.

However, in the last year, with my partners adventure into the rallying world, I have cultivated respect and admiration for cars and the sport of racing them.

Mason Grimmer Motorsport actually began, with Peter Grimmer, Mason’s father. Pete loves the sport and enjoys the community that comes from being involved. He is an industrial powder coater by trade and acquired the Mazda 343 BFMR in 1988 which was developed into a rally car from brand new and it has been a rally car it’s whole life. Peter is a well known person in the rallying community for his past success in the sport until he gave it up for other commitments around 2004. Around 2018, Mason wanted to have a crack at the sport and has never looked back and is continuing to look forward to the future.

Mason, took up the sport in 2018, and experimented with an inexperienced co-driver and had knowledge and expertise provided by Michael Connor who is arguably NZ’s best current co-driver. When starting out with rallying, he elected to learn to drive blind (without pacenotes). This taught the valuable lesson of being able to read the road which enabled him to hone his skills ‘driving blind’ or without a co-driver. When his longtime highschool friend Daniel suggested he get involved two years later, the boys quickly developed an enduring partnership through the sport. Daniel has since gained his license and partaken in multiple events with Mason, most notably

Recently, the teams continued success has led them to the topic of sponsorship. Over the weekend my partner and I sat down to flesh out the beginning of a document and I thought it would be useful to share our template.

Who are we?

Start with the team. This can be as simple as bullet pointed notes.

Our Story

Now, tell your story. Remember you want to frame your potential sponsors as the hero of their story. How do you set the scene for that?

What We Can Offer / Sponsorship Opportunity

List out the perks of the opportunity. For us it’s things like ride-alongs in the car, branded merchandise, free entry to events etc.

Our Marketing Strategy

If you are not offering marketing opportunities as part of your pitch, then you should be.

Here are some platforms to start with: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and your website.

Our Why / Purpose

Rallying to the boys, is a passion that others would consider a hobby. They dedicate their weekends to repairing, maintaining and improving the car, testing out new modes and writing out pacenotes in the same way someone would play a rugby game for their club. They are a new team to the sport without a doubt.

Current Costs / Expenditure

List out your current costs.

Forecasted Costs

List out the forecasted costs.

From here I, once you have the content solidified, I would take the wording and transfer it to a one paged simplified presentation. For extra credit you could also create a short introductory video as supporting documentation.

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