Why is re-learning so hard?

I used to spend hours on the couch or tucked up in bed, cutting, copying, duplicating and assembling footage into what was called ‘edits’ or ‘fan tributes’. Essentially, I would steal footage from my favourite films and TV-shows, footage that inspired me and re-mix the narrative.

This was at the dawn of YouTube, when it was a tight knit community of truely creative people, who wanted to share their work.

My edits that actually got published to YouTube, I was very proud of, and to this day, I still am. It was during those hours of deep focus where I learned that I love editing in time to the beat of the music and that jump-cuts will make or break your piece.

But now, as I try to re-approach the skill of editing and assembling footage, the drive is gone, and that is reflected in my work.

The work is no longer flow state, it’s simply frustrating, time consuming and oh yes, did I mention frustrating?

I’m now at the catalyst of loosing my ability to edit to a high level.

However, I have tasked myself with relearning the skills that were once so valuable to me.

Here is what I’m going to do:

Bite sized projects – The clips I used to edit, we’re at the most only a minute or so long.

Swallow My Pride – I’m no longer great, good or even mildly an expert. The technology being used is far more advanced than my knowledge now, I need to start form the beginning and apply myself to learning from those who truely do know what they are doing.

Discipline – I have the time. Or if on certain days I do not, then I need to make the time and then show up.

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