Don’t Take It Personally

It’s not you, but it also might be you.

It’s really hard to take mental control of a negative situation, and understand your own innocence. As humans, even more especially in the modern era, we have massive egos.

It feels as though the world revolves around us and only us. And with targeted ads, consumer based marketing, and the amount of happy chappy, ‘you are the master of your life, and you can do anything’ self help books it’s hard not to start to think you really are the only sun in a universe of pluto’s.

And this is an awesome mindset to have when you need you need to start a proper fitness routine, take on a massive project at work, or do something that really scares you.

But this mindset becomes dangerous when we get exposed to negative social situations. Because you’ve let your ego get the better of you, everything negative also becomes about you.

The boss that gives you the cold shoulder, the friends that seem to be not replying to your messages, it becomes all your fault. But maybe the boss is just tired and your friends are just busy.

It’s not about me. But it also is all about me.

On the flip side to that, it’s 100% you. You freak out when your friends stop replying to your messages because you are insecure. You bend over backwards to meet un-reasonably high expectations in the workplace because you are worried you don’t really deserve to be working where you do.

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