Why You Should Ritualise Your Life

Ritualise and romanticise the tiny small moments in your life.

Every Friday, I switch out my usual morning peppermint tea for a full cream chai latte. It’s the smallest change, but this little ritual makes my Friday something I really start to look forward to. Which in turn makes the weekend feel longer and my work week feel shorter.

Look at your life, what aspects can you ritualise?

Can you turn your morning shower in the into something that gets you out of bed in the morning? How can you romanticise grocery shopping? Maybe you wear your favourite pair of shoes and some bright red lipstick to the store every single time you go?

How can you create poetry out of the mundane? Because I promise that once you have, your life will get better.

This isn’t because your life has gotten better. It’s because you have gotten better.


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