How to Stop Destroying Masculinity

When I was a child, I would dress up as Maid Marian and wander around the garden at the bottom of our backyard, waiting for Robin Hood to come for me.

Girls are being raised to believe that they no longer need Robin Hood, or Prince Charming or their special knight in shining armour. But where does this leave our boys?

It leaves them with no reason to become the best version of themselves they possibly can.

Worse still, where does it leave our girls?

I saw the woman in my childhood books as strong, and beautiful. They were women that were worth fighting dragons for. I wanted to become a woman that was worth going to war for, worth setting a nation on fire for, worth dying for.

The older she gets, the more I know my sister will be thinking about relationships. Currently, she is faced with a deep pool, of shallow men, whose hands are more moisturised than mine, their singular earrings glinting in the blue light of the porn they watch. Young men so wimpy, they can’t even ask her out on a date without calling it a ‘hang out’ and wanting her to pick the place they go.

We are living through an epidemic of fragile men.

And we as women, have not done our part.

We are destroying our men. We refuse to become the women they need to fight for, because we think it will impact our newfound independence. We have become a quick and easy catch, which means the men in our lives treat us like we are.

And now we turn around and berate the men we need. We tell them they are pussy’s. We tell them they should embrace their feminine side. We tell them they should think about equality more and not be so controlling.

Then we moan to our friends about the fact that there are no good men anymore.

So, if you wish to see men live up to your expectations, you need to raise your expectations of yourself.

Become the women that men want to change for.

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