Your Suffering

This is the world we love. Our world is created from terror and turmoil and we found the beauty in it all. Our suffering becomes addictive, a game we enjoy playing. Humans desire conflict. We thrive on it.

When you’re having a bad day at work remember that during the very high flow the River Nile in Egypt would wash away whole villages, drowning thousands. This meant people started basing themselves and their farms up higher.

However, being higher up meant their crops were to high to receive water. So we invented irrigation. In those days, this consisted of a bucket on the end of a cord that hung from the long end of a pivoted boom, counterweighted at the short end.

Our society is built upon the overcoming of intense and horrific suffering. Pain is what we have evolved to overcome.

How wonderfully beautiful is that? That everything in this world has tried and failed to destroy our species, yet we just keep coming back.

So today, suffer. Suffer well and overcome it quickly.

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