One Percent Better

Scaling is hard. I’ve gone from a having one little side hustle, that was really just helping out an old work friend. To now having two offical clients whom I dedicate time to from 6AM to 8AM, five days a week. Thats the equivalent of the shitty waitressing job you got straight out of college. This is on top of my full time job that starts at 8.30AM and usually goes to about 5.00PM. From there, there is a work out then dinner and I usually crawl into bed around 8PM to support the 5AM start each morning.

The day is usually pretty full. And by the time you get to Saturday, all aspirations of making Saturday your ‘Growth Day’ or ‘Personal Development Day’, are completely demolished. Let alone making it your ‘Study Day’.

I usually go for a long run and might do an hour or two if needed catching up on work for my clients in a cafe, with the company of my boyfriend, that I’ve fallen behind on during the week.

The next problem I face with attempting to scale my business is that, I simply don’t know where to really start. The plan is easy. I should start approaching local businesses or even better digital businesses where I can work remotely, offering my services.

But what services? The job description for both of my clients are completely different. And then for my unofficial clients throw in a bit of videography and photography, which doesn’t really fit the ‘Project Management Consultant’ job title I would like to push.

‘Project Management Consultant’ is a title I have invented as I feel it sums up what I actually do for my clients best. The other great thing about this title is that as it’s invented, nobody can tell me if I’m doing my job correctly or incorrectly.

Perhaps the only way to continue to scale, is to come back to the 1% rule. If you can get better by even just 1% every day then you will continue to make progress.

One thought on “One Percent Better

  1. I’d suggest changing your self made title to focus on Project Success Consultant. Be in the business of offering an outside and unique perspective to problems. I’m a Program Manager and a have a degree in Project Management. Trust me, I can help you and advise you. I always find value in perspectives from others on a Project.

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