Your Negativity Bias

Since when did conversation go from the weather to all the latest turmoil and struggle you’ve been experiencing lately?

We’ve become a society that orientates our conversations around our own negativity bias’s. It’s easier to talk shit or complain than it is to be caring, empathetic and genuinely listen.

It’s not just happening in our day to day interactions, it’s even more apparent in social media, a post about your latest problem, gripe or issue will get far more interaction than a picture of sunflowers and the caption ‘I’m so happy and satisfied with my life.’

This is why I have been performing brutal ‘audits’ on every portion of my life that I can label.

I very regularly audit my phone apps, deleting whatever social media app is taking up the most of my time.

I audit my habits, what could I stop or start doing that will increase my quality of life and the relationships around me? For instance, recently I’ve been trying to be better at not joining in when the other women around my office start whinging about their partners. My boyfriend is a great guy, and I only ever joined in with half made up exaggerated stories, to fit in. Thats bullshit. It always made me feel guilty and helped spur on these other women. So thats one habit that I’m in the process of auditing out.

I audit my clothes, my decision making in the last couple of months and my upcoming plan for the next couple of months.

I highly recommend auditing your own life, you’ll be surprised by what you find.

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