Don’t screw with the mana of your tribe.

In Maori culture, mana is many things. It is honour. To have mana is to have great authority, presence or prestige. … Mana respects others too. It is power. A person with mana is spiritually powerful, influential and courageous, yet humble.

In Japanese culture, to disagree with someone in public, thus causing them embarrassment, is to make them “lose face” (mentsu wo ushinau).

If you embarrass and berate your man in public or in front of his friends, this destroys his mana. You are contributing to him loosing face.

On the other hand, something that helps to build up a person in front of others can be said to “give face” (kao o tateru).

My family has raised my siblings and I in a culture of saving face and protecting our family’s mana.

We were never told off in public, we would always be removed from the room. If we had a disagreement with a friend, my parents would back me in front of others. Agreeing with my point of view, my family would become a wall of solidarity around whatever the issue was. When we got home was when they would take it up again if they didn’t agree.

You must protect your tribe’s mana at all costs.

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