Sometimes It’s Really Hard

I wish I could say that I was thrilled with my life and everything was fantastic all of the time. Luckily, pretty much no one can say that. Because that’s not how a life is mean’t to be lived.

This morning I got up at 5AM and groggily went about my morning routine. Brush teeth, quick shower, get dressed, cup of hot lemon water, journal, write a poem. Then my partner and I jumped in the car and I drove shotgun the short seven or eight minute drive from our house to McDonalds. The only public, reasonably safe place that is open at 6AM.

From there, I went to the bathroom and tried to comb my hair into a more presentable look, made my way to the cafe, brought the same peppermint tea I buy there every morning, and sat in the same seat at the same table with the same sunrise over the mountains view.

This is the same sequence of events I live out every single morning Monday to Friday, and it gets boring. It’s mundane and repetitive. It’s sometimes the most painful thing in the world to swing my feet out of bed when that alarm goes off, but I still do it.

Thats because if something is hard, that doesn’t always mean you need to not do it. If something is hard, thats even more reason to do it. There is still the odd time when I can’t do it, when I can’t get out of bed or I can’t go to work, but a 90% success rate is good enough for me.

And when I’m having a 10% moment, more often than not I look to all the people around me also doing hard things. I look to my partner, who got up at 4.30AM this morning and had lifted weights, made breakfast and collected the washing down off the line and popped it in a basket by the door to our room, while I was still sleeping. I look to my father who works tirelessly, long and exhausting hours to support his wife and kids. I look to all the great people I don’t know like Jocko and Goggins. I look to the runner we pass on our way to work, who is already running at 5.30AM. I look to the underpaid McDonald workers who are busy around me while I sit here in this cafe writing this.

Doing hard things is good for you. So get better at doing them.

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