Who is Your Weakest Link?

My family grew up travelling with my father for his work. As a result of this there was a lot of time spent wandering unknown city streets, parks, playgrounds and sometimes trails with my mother and siblings as she attempted to entertain three young homeschooled kids.

It used to infuriate me that my mother would always put first my baby sister, then when he was old enough to walk my baby brother, in front of me when we were walking.

I used to try pushing ahead or sliding past so that I could get to the front of the pack. My mother would then pull me back and explain that we could only go as fast as the slowest person. This seemed counter intuitive to me and I would normally start sulking.

However, with a little bit of life experience under my belt, looking back on the memory, her logic was sound. She wanted to let my baby brother set the pace, so that we could walk for longer.

You will only ever be as strong as your weakest link. You will only ever be as fast as your slowest person. You will only ever be as well educated on a matter as the least prepared member of your team.

When it comes to it, you will always fall to the lowest point your preparation allows.

As a collective it is your duty to share empowerment. Share knowledge and share strength. As an entrepreneur, don’t tuck your ideas away and tell no one. Tell as many people as you can. Share your knowledge and your ideas because at the end of the day if your idea is still just an idea, it probably always will be. And on the off chance that it isn’t, you are going to need a tribe of people as collectively enthusiastic and educated on the matter as you, to help bring your idea into realisation.

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