Why You Should Write

They say write what you hope nobody would ever read about yourself. Write down your secrets. Write down your too well told stories. Write messy, write un-prepared, just write it down.

I’ve grown up in a family that have always used writing as one of their favourite mediums to tell stories.

Sure we would sit around the dinner table and throw our hands in the air or slam our fists down on the hard wood crying in expressions of anger or hilarity.

However, I also remember my mother writing diligently every night in a tattered refill pad dictating the adventures of my Sulvainian Family’s, small plastic animals that came with houses and accessories. She would write until my sister and I fell asleep then in the morning she would read the stories back to us. Those stories have been lost to entropy over the many house moves we made since then.

My father presented me with the story of Bella and the Prince when I was seven or eight. Just old enough to understand that most of the stories I was reading, detailed princesses being completely useless in her own rescuing, which simply wasn’t good enough for me. So my father wrote a story about a princess who did still get rescued by her prince, but whose story didn’t end with ‘true loves first kiss’. The prince then gave her a sword and taught her how to use it. They then roamed the kingdom, the princess ruling capably by his side.

That story completely reshaped my expectations for what having a life partner should entail.

So write down your stories. Even if they don’t get read until you’re long gone, write for your wife, write for your husband, your kids, your parents, your friends, and your lovers.

Write because thats how your legacy will survive death.

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