The Importance Of Hard, Boring, Work

We are a spoilt generation. If I had asked my grandfather when he was working if he ‘liked his job’, he would have looked at me like I was an idiot.

My immigrant grandfather had a variety of professions throughout his lifetime, he went where the work was having to support his wife and two children, whatever work that may be. From lifeguard and swimming instructor to a door to door salesman, selling vacuums and broomsticks, sometimes three or four jobs at one time.

My Poppa, on my fathers side, worked in our towns local sawmill well into his sixties, getting up early in the morning and working exhausting hours, five days a week, until the sawmill closed and he retired.

Did they like their jobs? Of course not!

But at what point did we as a society decide that not enjoying something was a valid reason to not do it?

You don’t like chest pain and shortness of breath? You stop running. You don’t like being hungry? You eat whenever you want. The mundane repetition of your nine to five doesn’t bring you immense joy and wholesome satisfaction? You quit your job.

Stop kidding yourself.

Hard work is important. It’s important because your work is your contribution to society. What you create, what you make, what you give is what you have given as an entity. Even if that means a cup of coffee, or a stack of paper, that is still your time, your effort, your thought. That is what you have offered.

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