How to Meet Your Mentor!

What is a mentor? Well for me the idea of a mentor makes me think back to when I was fourteen and discussing how to start my own freelance photography business with my father, or even further back when I was five years old and asking my mother if I should sell my shitty handmade bookmarks for 10 or 15 dollars? Her reply being twenty cents was probably more realistic pricing considering my target market and low start up costs (a piece of paper and one coloured pencil).

Our first mentors will always be whoever we consider to be our parent figures. As you get older that tribe increases in capacity. Now I find myself turning to my boyfriend and his parents as well for advice.

But at what point and how do you increase your tribe outside of your very important whanau (family) circle?

For me, one of the best things anyone has ever told me is the fact that you don’t have to meet them for them to become mentors!

With this advice in mind, I’ve found mentorship from Tim Ferris and David Goggins through their books and Alan De Botton through his YouTube channel ‘The School Of Life’. This is just to name a few people I consider to be within the second ring of my Tribe Of Mentors.

Something else to keep in mind is that your mentors don’t always have to be real. I’ve found mentorship most recently through such characters as Kate, from Susan Smith’s book Te Kereru. But when I was younger fictional mentors, particularly female ones came to me in the form of Kate Whetherall from Mysterious Benedict Society, Pippie Longstockings and Anne of Green Gables. Without these very fictional characters guiding how I made decisions, I wouldn’t have had half as many very real adventures.

Who do you consider within your tribe of personal mentors?

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