what you actually need to start making money

I’m a frustrated designer at heart, so when I take on a new project my first instinct is to play house with it. 

I crave the task of making it pretty. I want to play with the logo and the branding and colour palettes. 

The problem with that is none of that shit will make you any money. 

Yes, in the long run you need to have a well designed logo and brand continuity. But people will pay you regardless of that. 

The problem is that playing with your branding feels really productive. It feels like you’re nailing it as an entrepreneur. ‘Look I redesigned my whole website today.’ Sounds way better than, ‘I wrote one average blog post today.’

However, you will eat at an ugly restaurant, if the food is amazing. The floor could be sticky and the staff could have no bedside manner. But all that will get boiled down to ‘character’, if the dumplings are the best goddamn dumplings you’ll ever eat.

So instead of wasting your time playing with Squarespace templates or font guides, start spending that time creating content. 

Your content doesn’t even have to be amazing at first, that will come with time. 

All that matters in the early stages of your startup, is creating content then sharing it with your community. What they like, make more of. What they don’t, cut. 

When you have so much great content that people are devouring it no matter how pretty it looks, then you can start thinking about brand design.

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