Mitigate Stress By Getting Up Early

If you’re like me and still working a nine to five to pay the bills, while trying to hustle on the side in every spare moment you get, balancing your many lives and jobs can become quite the juggling act. And that’s not even taking into account the time you have to spend with close friends and family and the time you spend building a relationship with your partner, nor the time it takes to do daily necessary tasks such as showering and cleaning. Long story short, this kind of lifestyle gets really stressful, really fast. 

This is usually the part where people start talking about a work life balance and shit like that. 

First up, there is no such thing as a work life balance. At least not in my personal opinion. Your life will require more time on some days and your work will require more time on other days. There will never be a balance, only the acquisition of agility. 

About now, you’ll hear people start saying ‘If only I had more time.’ That’s also not quite true. Half the people so desperate for time would utterly waste that given to them. What we all need is more well managed time. 

And an easy way to achieve that is getting up about an hour and a half earlier than you do already. Sounds really easy but I promise it isn’t. In an ideal world, here is how it would play out…

Get up an hour earlier, get ahead on your side hustle, feel more relaxed because you are already ahead on your side hustle at your nine to five, come home and spend that time in the evening devoted entirely to building the relationships that are in your life, go to bed an hour earlier. 

It’s hard to get up in the morning at ridiculous o’clock, but it’s even harder to watch the world slip by, your day job nearly cause daily panic attacks and your relationships die off, all because you couldn’t get up a little earlier and manage your time a little better.

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