Kia Ora, my name is Trinity Smith and I’m based out of Aotearoa, New Zealand.

Growing up my two younger siblings and I explored our homeland of New Zealand on the road with my father, who travelled extensively for work and our mother who, trained professionally as a teacher, took on the monumental job of homeschooling us.

I started collecting stories at a very young age, very lucky to have been exposed to an extremely diverse arena of experiences. As I grew up, I became interested in widely different things, from ballet to film, to philosophy, history and language. Since leaving my studies, my interests have led to a wide variety of jobs in different industries as well as extensive travel on my own and with my partner in our off roading 4×4 wheel drive.

This blog has become a place for me to capture my thoughts on entrepreneurship, travel, and the books I consume in my search for more information about the things that are interesting me currently.

I hope you enjoy..!

The latest from my blog.

  • There is a place.
    There is a place that you can only find if you are lost or not looking for it. The solitary highway that dominates the upper end of the North Island of New Zealand, slices through the narrow strip of land like a deep gash. You need to be drivingContinue reading “There is a place.”


My photography and videography journey started when I was about eight years old and first picked up a camera. From there I have been enjoying the steep and everlasting learning curve as I experiment with various styles and themes.

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